About Us

At LiveWest, we believe in a home for everyone. We own and manage over 37,000 homes across the South West, from Cornwall to Gloucestershire. We offer homes for affordable rent and shared ownership sale. We also build homes for private sale, to generate profits which we then use to provide and build more affordable homes. We have ambitious plans to invest more than £2bn in the South West economy and provide 15,000 new homes in the region over the next 10 years.

Our values play a major part in how we run our business. They are what make us different to other companies and are a key part of our culture, governing how we work together to achieve our strategy.

Our values are:

  • customer focused
  • challenge convention
  • together we deliver

Our customers are at the heart of our organisation and the fundamental importance of safety, trust and quality services is key to our success. Regular customer feedback continues to shape our service delivery and during the year we have been able to maintain very high levels of customer satisfaction of 89%. Last year we agreed a new Customer Service Strategy which sets out the actions we need to take to ensure we are the landlord of choice and we develop the best possible relationship with our customers. We work closely with the Institute of Customer Services to benchmark performance against a range of customer metrics, enabling us to compare our customer experience with market leaders across a range of sectors. Through this benchmarking we are seeing strong, and still improving performance against customer service industry standards particularly in customer feedback relating to satisfaction and trust.

In addition to understanding our customers’ satisfaction, it is essential for us to understand what aspects of their home and community are important to them. We have engaged with over 1,600 customers to gain their insight and suggestions which will be used to shape our new Livewest Homes and Estate Standard to be launched early next year. We continue to invest over £57m each year in maintaining and improving our existing homes and communities to ensure that they remain great places to live.

Our Asset Management Strategy was agreed earlier this year and sets out the ways in which we will manage and improve the performance of our homes and estates through prioritising investment. Our strategy sets six core priorities or “pillars”:

Safety: Our homes and estates are safe places to live in.

Our Home and Estate Standard: We have a LiveWest Standard that all homes and estates will be expected to achieve.

Active Asset Management: Our aim is to constantly improve the value of our stock, make sound decisions based on great property and estate/neighbourhood intelligence and to understand the impact of investment decisions on long term values.

Optimising Value and Insourcing: We will optimise value through an effective, active Procurement Strategy, improving productivity, insourcing where this makes commercial sense and ensuring consistent component quality.

Growth Ambitions: We will understand the impact of growth on our asset values and all new homes will be aligned to an agreed common standard

Environmental Objectives: We know that an effective Environmental Strategy is important to our business success and we are committed to providing current and future residents with homes that are sustainable and affordable. Our objectives to improve home energy efficiency, to improve the climate resilience of our homes and to engage with our residents on positive environmental practices are an important strand of this policy

Our direct labour organisation

We currently have 256 operatives and 29 apprentices and complete around 115,000 day-to-day repairs annually as well as regular compliance checks, including gas, smoke detectors, CO and electrical testing. We have also insourced the majority of our kitchen and bathroom replacement programme. We have plans to insource more services over the next 3 years where this makes commercial sense.

Where we work

We have three modern offices in Worle near Weston-Super-Mare, Exeter and Tolvaddon in Cornwall. We have agreed a hybrid way of working where staff spend two to three days in the office each week and work from home the remainder of the time. We are an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all colleagues.

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